About Us

M.S. Convent School

M.S. Convent School was founded in 2005 and has been providing high-quality education for the past 15 years. Best-in-class infrastructure, highly qualified teachers, a tranquil setting, and a very welcoming atmosphere can all be found at M.S. Convent. Through numerous academic activities and competitions, we focus on the complete development of the kid by kindling his imagination and bringing forth his inherent talent.

For more than a decade, M.S. Convent School, a part of the MANASA EDUCATION TRUST (R), has been expanding its wings in the education sector. In which we were able to meet our goal of providing our Indian society with a world-class education system.

We believe in concept-based education. Every concept is presented using a variety of teaching methods. We center around the comprehensive improvement of the kid by lighting his creative mind and drawing out the innate ability of the kid through different scholastic exercises and competitions.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide the early-age children with a pre-school education through the implementation of integrated teaching methodology based on the early-childhood education system and Montessori teaching methodology.
  • To provide an excellent atmosphere for children to socialize and learn moral values.
  • To provide children with a safe and secured environment for the development of their self-confidence and habit to take up and overcome challenges in the future.
  • To prepare children for enthusiastic primary school enrollment.
  • To teach them to adjust and adapt their growth into young individuals.
  • To provide children with an opportunity to participate in an inclusive environment of mutual sharing and support.
  • To teach the importance of true team spirit in a game, work, or elsewhere while understanding and celebrating their core individual values.
  • To cultivate a spirit of positive thinking and a can-do attitude from an early age.
  • To inspire and motivate to develop good, productive, and tolerant habits while keeping discipline at the center.
  • To incur deep regard for family, social and cultural values while respecting others' freedom be different.
  • To provide ample opportunity to learn life-skills and maintain physical and mental soundness through abundant of co and extra-curricular activities